June to July Blog Food for Thought

July 9, 2022

If you are not reading then you are writing….right? The next two books in my Promise series are well underway. “Imperfect Promise” is the Spur Historical Romance winner for the Western Writers of America and Finalist in the Will Rogers…

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“Imperfect Promise” Winner of Western Historical Romance Spur Award 2022

March 24, 2022

I’ll bet some of my blog followers have had a similar experience as mine. I was sitting in the doctor’s office awaiting the doctor’s arrival; mask on. My cell rang. When I noticed the call was from Wyoming….I thought…that has…

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Susanna’s March Blog: How can weather events underpin plot evolution.

February 27, 2022

March Blog: How Weather Events Underpin Plot Evolution. Uncontrollable situations within your setting influence your character’s reactions and expressions. That’s plain fact. Tornadoes, thunderstorms, droughts, wind storms, floods, clouds and blue skies are likely to drive your character’s decisions and…

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