Places and Settings Fort Benton, Montana

Fort Benton is located along the upper Missouri River and was an important fort that was transformed and surrounded by a vibrant, bustling town; especially between 1875-1887. The river was a great reason for its success when steam boating became an important means of travel. Fort Benton plays an important role in the third book of my “Promise” series; “Lasting.” If you recall Gus Quaid, my fictional and larger-than-life character made appearances in my first two books. In the third, he meets a “headwind” and is challenged in many ways. While I utilize fictional characters, I do my best to incorporate real places and points of historical interest. In “Lasting,” Gus is awaiting the arrival of an important cargo from Virginia City. By the way, it is important to note that Fort Benton is considered, by historians, as the “birthplace of Montana.”

Explorers, cowboys, settlers, and various tribes . . . including the Blackfoot Nation, Cree, Gros Ventres, and Assiniboin traded or passed through or around Fort Benton. Since my characters have need to get from Fort Benton to Pierre and beyond, the Missouri River was a convenient water road. Imagine the loud blasts of the steamboats as they departed the piers, sending horses into nervous sidesteps. If you get the chance, I’d encourage you to explore the history of Fort Benton in rich detail by reading “Fort Benton” by Ken Robison.

Missouri River at Fort Benton